Tom Cagley at TesTrek 2013!

TesTrek 2013

TesTrek, the Software Testing & Quality Assurance Conference, provides the best and quickest path to learn testing practices, to solve your challenges, and to keep up-to-date with software testing trends. The theme of this year's conference is, "Today’s Challenges and Emerging Trends in Software Testing."

Tom Cagley, Agile Practice Manager and TMMi Assessor with David Consulting Group, will be attending the conference, where he will teach a full-day workshop, "Agile Practical Techniques;" a half-day tutorial, "The Lean Software Development Workshop;" and he will give a presentation, "Agile Underperforming? Keys to Improved Delivery."

"Agile Practical Techniques," on October 28, will help developers, testers, business analysts, Scrum masters and project managers to develop an understanding of Agile development techniques, focusing on concepts, such as test-driven development, that integrate testing into the Agile process.

"The Lean Software Development Workshop" on October 29 will use a Lean-Agile focus to help attendees to develop, enhance and maintain software that employs the Principles of Lean to enhance the delivery of value-added work.

Finally, his presentation on October 30, "Agile Underperforming? Keys to Improving Delivery," will teach simple, actionable steps to improving Agile delivery.

The conference, hosted by QAI Canada and the QAI Global Institute, will be held at the Chelsea Hotel in Toronto, Ontario on October 28-30. TesTrek is attended by test managers, test leads, software testers, quality control analysts, and other IT professionals performing testing activities.

If you’re interested in meeting up with Tom while at the conference, leave a comment and he will contact you to arrange the details!


Sarah Weddle
Marketing Director

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And the Winner Is …

Steve Woodward, for this presentation, “Function Point Counting the Mars Rover.”

That’s right, Steve was awarded the 2013 Innovation Works! Award, from David Consulting Group, at the annual International Software Measurement & Analysis (ISMA 8) conference in held this year in Rio de Janeiro.

ISMA8 Innovation Award

The Innovation Works! award winner is selected prior to the conference by a panel of judges based on the following criteria: degree of relevance, innovation of method, accuracy, presentation of materials, quality of writing and contribution to the advancement of measurement.

Read more about the event’s details in this blog post from Tom Cagley, our Vice President of Consulting and board member of the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG), which hosted the conference.

Check out more photos from the event on our Facebook page!


Sarah Weddle
Marketing Director

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ISMA8: Rio!

Rio de Janeiro hosted three unique measurement conferences and workshops the week of September 30 under the banner of ISMA Rio. This year’s eighth edition of the International Software Measurement & Analysis (ISMA) conference brought together members of the Software Measurement Community that included constituencies of IFPUG, COSMIC and ISBSG, attracting more than 100 attendees. 

The conference began with a day patterned after the open space concept made popular at Agile conferences.  Attendees suggested, prioritized and participated in sessions for the day. Márcio Silveira facilitated the session, which was a huge hit. The day was anchored by a keynote by John Wright, JPL/NASA, and Steve Woodward.  Steve’s presentation, "Function Point Counting the Mars Rover," won DCG’s Innovation Award. 

ISMA8 Innovation Award

Day two turned to the classic presentation-based conference with a mixture of sesions discussing IFPUG and SNAP that energized the attendees. The conference also set the stage for the IFPUG Annual Meeting, where board election results were announced. New elected board members were:  

  • Mauricio Aguiar
  • Luigi Buglione
  • Tom Cagley (that’s me!)
  • Dacil Castelo

New IFPUG officers are Tom Cagley, IFPUG Vice President, Debra Maschino, IFPUG Treasurer, and Lori Holmes, IFPUG Secretary. 

The conference culminated with a celebration of IFPUG’s first class of Certified Function Point Fellows (CFPF).

  • Dave Garmus
  • Carol Dekkers
  • Ray Boehm
  • Mike Cunnane
  • Lori Holmes
  • Bruce Rogora

All six of the new Fellows have been Certified Function Point Specialists for twenty years!

ISMA in Rio was a huge success energizing the entire measurement community – I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store!

Tom Cagley
Vice President, Consulting

Written by Tom Cagley at 05:00

The ITFMA Conference


IT Budget Management, to be a competitive weapon, has to do more than just calculate Total Cost of Ownership and other measures, important as they are. IT Budget Management has to connect to the other financial capabilities of the business to produce and realize true business value. Really, what is the point of budget management if it does not help you compete in the marketplace? Otherwise, it’s just recordkeeping.

The IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) provides a unique focus on business value when it comes to managing the IT budget. The IT-CMF provides complete and comprehensive coverage of all IT capabilities in a business, and the IT Financial Management Association (ITFMA) thinks so as well.

DCG and the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) are co-teaching a workshop on July 9th, at the ITFMA Conference in Savannah, GA. It is designed to help IT finance professionals understand what value their IT Budget Management activities and capabilities could contribute to the business to help it succeed.

To date, the IT-CMF has engaged with more than 350 CIOs and senior IT executives in organizations across more than 20 countries – all with the same goal of realizing greater value from their IT investments. Leading members of the IVI include Intel, Chevron, BP, Ernst & Young, SAP and National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

The half-day workshop simulates a full IT Budget Management Assessment from the IVI regarding key financial capabilities, level of maturity, integration, and what benefits could be contributed to the business. The key financial capabilities that will be reviewed, including their best practices, outcomes and metrics, include:

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Accounting and Allocation (AA)
  • Budget Oversight and Performance Analysis (BOP)
  • Budget Management (BGM)
  • Funding and Financing (FF)
  • Portfolio Planning and Prioritization (PPP)
  • Benefits Assessment and Realization (BAR)

Also, workshop participants will be given the opportunity to become research volunteers with the IVI in refining IT best practices within the IT-CMF. Catherine Crowley, Research Fellow at the IVI and my co-presenter, will be discussing this option with the workshop participants.

I hope to see you in Savannah! If you won’t be attending but would like more information about the workshop topic, please let me know in the comments. I’d be happy to provide that information!

Read our news release to learn more about the conference.

Tony Timbol
Vice President

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Scrum Gathering: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

In today’s interconnected world, we have unparalleled access to ideas and concepts without leaving the safety of our cubes. If we want to explore a topic, we can pop out to the web and find articles, websites, podcasts, blogs and webinars. So, what do we gain from attending professional conferences in person?

Scrum Alliance logo

The 2013 Scrum Gathering in Las Vegas that I recently attended was an eye-opening experience.  It is very easy to get comfortable with ideas that we already have, that are working for us. The Scrum Gathering delivered an incredible array of new ways to think about how we work to deliver value to our organizations, whether we are developers or change agents.   

Shifting outside of our comfort zone, a state of mind without a sense of risk, makes it easier see things differently. Our comfort zone can be limiting because it insulates you from perceiving change. Dr. Bill Joiner, in his keynote at the Scrum Gathering, suggested that today’s managers must have the ability to achieve sustained success in a rapidly changing environment or they won’t survive. I translate that to mean that comfort zones are a thing of the past.

The gathering was a tool to challenge the attendees intellectually, while providing a platform for changing how we think about our professional challenges. For example:

  • Presentations that challenge orthodoxy that wouldn’t draw as mass-market webinars.
  • Free form programming, such as Open Spaces, that opened the lectern to anyone with an idea or a question (my favorite part of the conference).
  • Access to experts for formal and informal conversations.

Regardless of your profession, not challenging ourselves to move outside of our comfort zone will make us intellectually lazy. Without challenges, we can’t hope to raise our game to meet the future. Attending conferences like the Scrum Gathering and benefiting from not only the presentations, but also from the interactions, is a powerful tool to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s workplace.

Tom Cagley
Vice President of Consulting

Written by Tom Cagley at 08:00
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"It's frustrating that there are so many failed software projects when I know from personal experience that it's possible to do so much better - and we can help." 
- Mike Harris, DCG Owner

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