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If you’re in Las Vegas attending Scrum Alliance’s Scrum Gathering, be sure to say hi to Tom Cagley, Vice President of Consulting.

Tom Cagley
David Consulting Group is a bronze sponsor of the event and Tom will be there May 6-8. This gathering challenges attendees to "Up the Ante" on their Agile game and it features three tracks:

  • See The Future: This is the "What" in terms of delivery. It also includes the bigger picture and includes topics on organizational development, coaching, product road mapping, and similar activities.
  • Build The Future: This is where we focus on "How" to create the valuable work product. We think about the elements of Scrum like the Daily Scrum, Scrum Roles, Sprint Backlog, etc. Topics for this track include activities throughout the Sprint: effective retrospectives, collaboration techniques, removing impediments, and others.
  • Tools of the Trade: Here we focus on the tools and techniques for engineering practices such as continuous integration, code refactoring, pair programming, and unit testing. These constitute the technical aspect of "How" when it comes to value delivery.

Be sure to follow all the action from the event on Twitter using the hashtag #sglas – we’ll report back in another post on what we learn at the conference!

Sarah Weddle
Marketing Associate / Social Media Specialist

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QUEST 2013

In case you missed it, it was another good time at the QUEST conference this year. One of my favorite parts of the conference this year was the vendor giveaways, which weren’t done with your everyday pick-a-name-out-of-a-hat. Instead, contestants (conference attendees) were selected and they had to compete for the prizes by correctly answering test- and exhibitor-related questions. It was a lot of fun!

DCG would like to congratulate the winner of our Kindle Fire, Cathy Raley.  (You can watch Cathy correctly answer our question in this video).

QUEST 2013

As always, there was good attendance at the sessions and in the exhibitor hall. The attendees were friendly and everyone seemed to have a great time – despite the weather outside.

I’m happy to say that there was a good bit of interest in my presentation, “Rescuing Troubled Projects Using Agile,” and I appreciated the attendance and participation. In fact, based on response from the conference, DCG will be offering this presentation as a webinar later this year, so stay tuned.

All in all, I met some great folks from all over the country and had a lot of good conversations – I can’t wait to go back next year! See you there!

Pat Eglin
Consultant and SEI Certified Instructor

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See you at QUEST 2013!

DavidI am looking forward to once again participating in the Quality Engineered Software and Testing (QUEST) conference, hosted by the QAI Global Institute, April 15-19.

As a presenter, I always enjoy the interaction with the attendees. Their knowledge and experience level makes for a delightful and interactive session. As a participant in the conference, I look forward to hearing as many of the speakers as possible. It looks like a great line up of topics again this year!

My presentation, 100 Defects Isn’t That Bad, will be at 3pm on April 18, discussing how an effective normalizing metric allows you to properly measure and compare the level of quality across software deliverables, manage end user expectations and establish service levels of quality performance. If you won’t be at the conference, the presentation will be available on the DCG SlideShare page after the event!


DCG will also have a vendor booth (#29) this year, which will provide even more possibilities to reach out to people and to learn about the challenges they are facing in 2013.

I’m excited to meet new people and see new faces (and some familiar ones) at this year’s event, so if you’re at the conference, please come up and say hi!

Will you be at this year’s QUEST conference? What is your favorite industry conference?

David Herron
Vice President, Software Performance Management

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ISMA 7: Success!

October 28-30 marked the 7th annual ISMA conference. ISMA brings together leading industry experts, practitioners, and technology vendors to discuss the latest happenings in the field of software metrics.

The International Function Point Users’ Group (IFPUG) hosted the event, successfully delivering useful and informative workshops and presentations on how to count and use function points, as well as general measurement topics (e.g. Measuring in the Cloud).

While the conference was small, it was worth attending for the quality presentations, which were all very innovative, relevant and entertaining. Attendees came from all over the world – Spain, Brazil, India, France, Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, UK and the U.S. – to hear the latest ideas on measurement from the IFPUG community and leadership.

I also had the pleasure of presenting David Consulting Group’s “Innovation Works!” award. The award winner is selected prior to the conference by a panel of judges based on the following criteria: degree of relevance, innovation of method, accuracy, presentation of materials, quality of writing and contribution to the advancement of measurement.

This year’s winner was Lionel Perrot, from Semantys in France. Many congratulations to Lionel for his hard work and innovative presentation, “Measurement of ‘Business Processes’ and ‘Functional Layer’ using IFPUG Function Points.”


Next year’s conference will be held in Rio, an exciting location due to its high number of software metrics practitioners, so we hope to see you there!

Sheila Dennis
Senior Management Consultant

Written by Michael D. Harris at 09:00
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See You Next Year AgileDC!

DCG had a great time at this year’s AgileDC. We attended a variety of presentations throughout the day and enjoyed chatting with the visitors at our booth.

Watch the video below to hear about David Herron’s favorite part of the conference.

What was David Herron’s favorite part of AgileDC? Find out!


We’re already excited for next year!

Were you at AgileDC? What was your favorite part of the conference?

Sarah Weddle
Marketing Associate / Social Media Specialist

Written by Michael D. Harris at 08:15
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"It's frustrating that there are so many failed software projects when I know from personal experience that it's possible to do so much better - and we can help." 
- Mike Harris, DCG Owner

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