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Function Points in the Philippines?

David LambertI know what you are thinking – and I was thinking the same thing. Is there really a company using function points in the Philippines? Yes, there is. In fact, I recently traveled to the Philippines to train a lean development team on the use of function points as a measure for their metrics program.

I’d never been to the Philippines before, so it was an interesting experience to be in a new place, but it was also interesting to see how function points are being used around the world.

This particular team is way above the curve as far as their processes and documentation is concerned. They were looking for a standardized process to size their change requests in order to measure productivity and quality and help forecast future projects. Their intent is to start sizing those small change requests and establish some benchmarks for their applications. Once those benchmarks are in place and they have gathered some valuable data, the team intends to start using the data to help size their larger projects. The sizing for those projects will allow them to better manage staffing, cost, and quality related to those projects.

This, of course, is something we encourage and espouse as a best practice for development teams. So, it was great to see that this mentality has really taken hold in this organization, and that they truly understand the benefits of sizing.

I also learned while I was there that several larger technology companies are starting to use the Philippines as a source to locate their infrastructure and development teams. So you may not think of the Philippines when it comes to the IT domain, but the country is starting to make some strides towards closing the gap on the rest of IT world. I know for sure that one lean development team has closed the gap and function points have allowed them to standardize their process even further.

I look forward to seeing how the use of function points continues to develop in the country – and beyond. Is your organization using function points? If not, it’s time to catch up!


David Lambert
Managing Consultant

Written by David Lambert at 05:00

ICEAA Professional Development & Training Workshop

Last week DCG's Tom Cagley, VP of Consulting, and David Lambert, Software Sizing and Estimation Specialist, attended the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association's (ICEAA) annual Professional Development and Training Workshop in San Diego.

It was a great event, bringing together professionals from government, industry and academic cost communities to discuss one of our favorite topics here at DCG: Estimation.

The event program featured speakers, training and an exhibition hall, with the goal of furthering attendees' understanding and appreciation of using data-driven estimating and analysis techniques.

Tom and David both presented at the event - and both presentations are available for download:

  • Agile Estimation Using Functional Metrics: Learn how combining the discipline of functional metrics with the collaborative approaches found in Agile parametric estimation has proved to be an effective way to estimate in an Agile environment.
  • Put Some SNAP in Your Estimating Model: Learn how the sizing framework, the Software Non-Functional Assessment Process (SNAP), can be used to size non-functional software requirements, providing a more complete and accurate assessment of the size of a project.

Download the presentations here and contact Tom or David for more information or with any questions. More information about DCG's Estimation Solutions and Consulting Services are available here and here.

We enjoyed the conference (and were happy to see such an interest in estimation), and we hope to attend again in the future!

Written by Default at 05:00

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