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Download Value Visualization White Paper

Michael D. HarrisMichael D. Harris has written a white paper titled: “How can we get more value out of software development?” It provides an introduction to visualizing the value of software development projects. In the paper, Michael lays out the challenge that most major corporations face in regards to software development: projects are prioritized based on a variety of factors, but typically not business and economic value.

The white paper discusses the importance of value visualization and then walks through the 5-step Value Visualization Framework (VVF) concept that Michael developed to help IT departments and business units collaborate to set, measure and track goals based on value.

Download this free white paper today by clicking here and learn how you can maximize the value of your next software development initiative.

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What is the Value of Value Visualization?

Michael D. HarrisIn my September 9 blog post, I shared my 5-step Value Visualization Framework (VVF); however, I did not discuss the importance of following this process and the benefits you could realize. Below are four reasons why the VVF approach should become a key component of your software development initiatives:

  1. New methodologies don’t provide a comprehensive way to measure and visualize value. Integrating the VVF process alongside your other software development methodologies will help you visualize the value.
  1. VVF enables IT and the business unit to track actual versus target values and make timely, data-driven adjustment decisions.
  1. VVF’s 5-step process focuses on optimizing value streams that will drive cost savings and your organization’s competitive advantage.
  1. VVF drives greater alignment between IT and the business unit and holds all stakeholders accountable for specific outcomes.

The value that can result from following the 5-step VVF process is significant. By arming the IT team with the right business and economic data on each software development project, IT can become a strategic contributor to the organization, rather than just a tactical “implementation arm.”

Michael D. Harris
DCG President

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StickyMinds Interview with Michael Harris


Last week, StickyMinds, a popular online community for software developers, published an interview with DCG’s CEO, Michael Harris, regarding the Value Visualization of IT, titled, “The ‘Show Me the Money’ Approach to Software Development.”

In the interview, Mike discussed the importance of all stakeholders being able to “Visualize the Value” of a software development project and how it can help software development teams effectively collaborate with business units on IT initiatives to drive better decision making and improve value flow.

During the interview, Mike also shared his Value Visualization Framework, briefly walking through the five-step process designed to help stakeholders clearly understand the goals of a project and prioritize by value.

To listen to the 15-minute interview or read the transcript, click here.

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"It's frustrating that there are so many failed software projects when I know from personal experience that it's possible to do so much better - and we can help." 
- Mike Harris, DCG Owner

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