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How Do I Size My Non-Functional Software?

Most organizations are familiar with functional software sizing, using it to effectively manage and control project delivery. DCG offers this via IFPUG function points and COSMIC function points.

However, not many organizations realize that there are also techniques for sizing non-functional software. Luckily, a Trusted Advisor member submitted the question, "How Do I Size My Non-Functional Software?" to the Trusted Advisor question backlog, and it was voted as the topic for this month's report.

Check out the report to learn why you would want to measure the non-functional components of software, the measures that should be used for sizing, as well as how to implement those measures.

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Why use the Software Non-Functional Assessment Process (SNAP)? Do you want to:

  • Better plan and estimate projects?
  • Identify areas of process improvement?
  • Quantify the impacts of the current non-functional strategies?
  • Provide specific data when communicating non-functional issues? 

Of course you do! And DCG can help. We’re available to conduct SNAP project or application counts, which measure the size of your software using SNAP points.

Even better, the SNAP framework can be used in conjunction with function points to provide insight into the delivery of projects and maintenance of applications, to assist in project estimating and to provide insights for the analysis of quality and productivity performance.

Already using SNAP? Then consider contributing to the SNAP Data Repository, which DCG is building to analyze SNAP data and provide benchmarks for performance and improvement. All those who share their data will receive a full analysis of all submitted data every January and June.

If you’re just looking for some SNAP-related information before you commit to anything, don’t worry, we have that too:

If you still have questions, that’s okay too! We’re happy to help. Leave a comment below or shoot us an email; we’re happy to discuss all things SNAP!


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Non-Functional Requirements

There is a standard way to size the functional components of software: Function Point Analysis. Function points, by their very name, focus on the delivered functionality of software - thus, they do not account for non-functional development.

However, most Certified Function Point Specialist have encountered projects with significant development requirements for non-functional work.

Thus, IFPUG developed SNAP, the Software Non-functional Assessment Process, which supplements the Funtion Point Analysis sizing methodology and provides a sizing technique for the non-functional component of software.

This month's Trusted Advisor report outlines the SNAP framework and discusses how it can be used for sizing non-functional requirements - and why it's best used in tandem with Function Point Analysis.

Read the Report

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"It's frustrating that there are so many failed software projects when I know from personal experience that it's possible to do so much better - and we can help." 
- Mike Harris, DCG Owner

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