The Value of Experience in IT

You will come to realize that reading is a relaxing hobby of mine and I have some favorite genres.  One of these is science fiction and I found the following quote which, while completed unrelated to IT and totally out of context, provides some great insight into the value of experience in IT and the difference between the experienced and the inexperienced: "All that sound desperate enough, but the truth is that I was thrilled by the mountain views, the vast panorama of the empire of air.  As children we have no appreciation of scenery because, having not yet stored similar scenes in our imagination, with their attendant emotions and circumstances, we perceive it without psychic depth."

Source: "The Book of the New Sun, Volume 2: Sword and Citadel" by Gene Wolfe

Written by Michael D. Harris at 15:05
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"It's frustrating that there are so many failed software projects when I know from personal experience that it's possible to do so much better - and we can help." 
- Mike Harris, DCG Owner

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