CMMI Appraisals - 21% more reported in 2007 over 2006

The Software Engineering Institute produces periodic reports called "Maturity Profiles" on the results of CMMI appraisal.  For those of you considering the value of CMMI, these Maturity Profiles make invaluable reading. For example, in the latest maturity profile at time of posting (March 2008), we find the following food for thought:

  • There have been just over 3,000 appraisals involving just under 15,000 projects.  This implies an average of slightly less that 5 projects per appraisal - a lower number than I would have expected.
  • Just under 70% of the appraisals are non-US.
  • About 75% of appraisals are at Level 2 or 3 for all appraisals.  That rises to 82% for more recent appraisals against v1.2.  Level 2 and 3 are still the "bread and butter" of CMMI despite all the relatively large number of Level 5 appraisals in recent years.
  • By organization type, 72% are commercial/in-house, 23% are military or government contractors and 5% are military or government organizations.  Some people are not practicing what they preach!
  • Numbers of CMMI appraisals reported to the SEI rose every year from 2002 to 2007.
  • In 2007, there were 1006 reported appraisals versus 52 in 2002.
  • The number of appraisals in 2007 was 21% higher than the number in 2006.

List of SEI CMMI Maturity Profiles Latest SEI CMMI Maturity Profile - March 2008 - at date of posting

Written by Michael D. Harris at 15:39
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