GAO Cost Estimating Guide now in Japanese

With a lot of other experts over the past several years, DCG has been part of the Cost Expert Group providing input to US Government Accountability Office (GAO) for their Cost Estimating & Assessment Guide and more recently the drafts of a following up Scheduling Guide.  The "expert" group has grown significantly over the years with the initial majpority of external experts now being more than balanced by representation form government agencies in the US.  Why the update today?  At last weeks meeting, Karen Richey who heads the group for GAO welcomed representation from the UK Government AND announce the translation of the complete cost estimation guide into Japanese by the new Japan branch of the Society of Cost Estimating & Analysis (SCEA). The value of the work put in by the expert group and the leadership of the GAO has created a very flow of up-to-date, practical best practice that I commend to your attention.

Written by Michael D. Harris at 16:33



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