Software Process Award named for Watts Humphrey

I read in the September 2011 issue of the IEEE Computer managazine that the IEEE Computer Society and the Software Engineering Institute co-sponsor a Software Process Award that is offered annually.   This is interesting and good news on two fronts.  First, it is the perfect recognition for Watss Humphreys contributions to the field.  Second, based on the list of previous winners (included below), it seems that the award is offered but not necessarily awarded annually.  It seems to me that many readers of this blog would be in a position to either make a nomination or be nominated.  Nominations have to have at least on endorsement.  If you are interested but need a little help, please do not hesitate to contact me.  If you have a good story, I might be willing to provide a nomination or endorsement. The IEEE website has only limited information and nominations are due by Octobut here is a link

Past recipients for IEEE CS/SEI Watts S. Humphrey Award
2009 Infosys Technologies Limited, Bangalore, India
2006 Productora de Software S.A (PSL)
2004 IBM Global Services, Australia: Application Management Group.
2002 Wipro: Software Process Engineering Group.
1999 Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center: Aircraft Management Test Software & Industrial Automation Branches.
1998 Advanced Information Services, Inc: Development Group.
1997 Hughes Electronics: Software Process Improvement Team.
1995 Raytheon Company: Software Engineering Process Group, Equip. Div.
1994 Goddard Space Flight Center: Software Engineering Laboratory.
Written by Michael D. Harris at 16:34
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