Top 5 Posts from 2012

With the year coming to a close, we thought you might be interested in looking back on our most popular blog posts from 2012. See what your fellow readers found most interesting and join in on the conversation – we’d love to hear from you! Did you have a different post from the year that you think should have been highlighted – let us know! Did you miss one of these posts when it was originally posted – it’s not too late to share your thoughts in the comments!

We won’t keep you waiting! Here are the five most popular posts from the past year:

Estimation and the Black Hole: A participant in DCG’s estimation webinar series asked, “How do you handle clients who refuse to budge from their initial estimates when you know it is impossible to meet?” Tony Timbol addresses this question and offers a solution. Do you have any advice to add?

IT Financial Management is Maturing and the IT-CMF is the Right Tool to Promote Growth.: Tony Timbol attended the ITFMA conference and a consistent theme emerged as speaker after speaker told their stories: IT financial management, as a body of knowledge, is still very much in progress. This post discusses how IT-CMF can help IT financial management move forward, giving IT financial leaders the tools to advance their management processes.

Is It Time for a CMMI Re-appraisal?: Pat Eglin offers a reminder to all organizations to check your CMMI timeline. It takes up to a year to plan for the renewal process, so it might be time to consider what you need to have in order now!

What Do Companies Use Function Points For: DCG is the largest independent provider of outsourced function point analysis in the world. To answer the question, “What do companies use function points for?,” we looked at how many applications and projects our major clients had us count in 2011. Review our analysis from Mike Harris and join the discussion: what use of function points delivers most value?

Estimation: Which Model Works Better: Another great question from a participant in the estimation webinar series: “Which model works better: A small team of experts who work on estimation or training the whole PM/BA community?” Tony Timbol discusses various estimation models and which organizations may benefit from them.

There you have it! Our most popular posts; so, now it’s time to ask: what topics would you like to see us cover in 2013? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Sarah Weddle
Marketing Associate / Social Media Specialist

Written by Michael D. Harris at 09:00



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