The Importance of the Agile Philosophy

Is the Agile Philosophy a Necessary Part of Effectively Executing Agile; or, Does Agile Work Regardless of the Philosophy?

The Agile philosophy. Anyone familiar with Agile is aware of the philosophy, but how important is it really in implementing Agile? That’s what DCG wants to answer in its upcoming debate.

Join us on December 6 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center to discuss the following questions:

  • Do you have to completely adhere to Agile/Lean principles for optimum success?
  • Can you pick and choose the aspects of Agile that work for you and your organization?

Tom Cagley, Vice President of Consulting, will take up one side of the debate, advocating that adopting any aspects of Agile is enough to improve your software development. David Herron, Vice President of Software Performance Management, will argue that Agile must be part of an overall Agile/Lean philosophy within the organization for it to truly work.

More information, including how to register, is available here. Please contact Fiona Thompson at 610-644-2856, ext. 21 with any questions.

Can’t make the debate, but want to join in on the discussion? Start right here by leaving a comment with your opinion!

Sarah Weddle
Marketing Associate / Social Media Specialist

Written by Michael D. Harris at 09:10
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