How Do You Promote IT Innovation?

A recent article from InformationWeek, “7 Habits of Innovative IT Leaders,” by Rob Preston, served as a good reminder for me about the importance of innovation within an organization and promoting employees to engage in innovative behavior.

The following are a few compelling quotes from the article, but I suggest reading it in its entirety:

1. Permit Innovation – “Most people simply don’t carve out the time to think about innovation because there’s no directive or permission from the top to do so.”

2. Get People Jazzed – “The process of innovation isn’t an analysis of actuarial tables. It should be energizing, exciting, and inclusive of different job functions and personality types.”

3. Get Comfortable with Failure – “The idea is to fail fast (you’ve heard that before) and cheaply and learn from your mistakes, potentially sparking ideas for related innovations.”

4. Start Out Raw – “The thinking is that you don’t stimulate innovation by acting like you have most of it figured out from the start. It’s a process that benefits from lots of starts and restarts involving lots of different people’s input.”

5. Instill a Sense of Desperation – “In bad times and good, organizations must apply innovation pressure on themselves.”

6. Start Off by Talking with People – “It’s amazing what you can take away from [informal chats].”

7. Beware Unintended Consequences – “Understand the difference between innovation to achieve a defined benefit and change for the sake of change.”

Would you add any additional habits to this list?

Mike Harris
DCG President

Written by Michael D. Harris at 12:00
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