Customer-facing Technology: Are You on the Right Track?

Mike Face

If your IT department isn’t focusing more of its resources on digital business, now is the time to jump in headfirst.

The role of IT in business – across industries – is changing from a department designed to support the business, to a department responsible for developing products and supporting apps that anticipate and fulfill customer needs.

This shift requires a CIO who is up for the challenge and ready to adapt, even if it means retraining employees or bringing on new hires who understand what the customer wants – and how to achieve it.

Key in this shift is the ability to utilize data analytics to better understand customers and how they are interacting with your products and their behaviors and feelings around those products.

Proctor & Gamble understands the importance of analytics in this new frontier, focusing its IT efforts on predicting how a customer will respond to any new offering or campaign – customer-focused analytics present opportunity and advancement.

This customer-focused theme is obvious in InformationWeek’s Global CIO Survey of IT executives, particularly in the difference between answers from 2012 and 2013. IT executives were asked, “What is the main opportunity for CIOs today?” and the top five responses included:

  • Use customer or business data to influence new products and services and drive growth (2013 – 32%; 2012 – 24%)
  • Move the company closer to its customers via technology (2013 – 20%; 2012 – N/A)
  • Cut business and IT costs (2013 – 16%; 2012 – 14%)
  • Increase employee productivity via new collaboration tools (2013 – 11%; 2012 – 14%)
  • Drive company-wide process innovation (2013 – 10%; 2012 – 27%)

CIOs realize the opportunity that lies in building a relationship with the customer, which also relates to the desire for increased innovation.

At DCG we understand the necessity of analytics in IT decision-making, and we can help you – like Proctor & Gamble – better utilize your resources to track analytics and respond to your customers. The time to become a digital business is now – and without an IT team that’s ready for the challenge, your business – and your customers – could suffer.

Read more about this topic in the InformationWeek article, “Goodbye IT, Hello Digital Business.”

Is your company becoming a digital business? If so, what changes has IT gone through? What changes do you think are required for such a shift?

Mike Harris
DCG President

Written by Michael D. Harris at 23:04
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