Can Process Be the CIO’s Secret Weapon?


We’ve touched on this topic before on the blog (here and here, for example), and it always bears repeating – the role of the CIO isn’t just to stay within the IT department and keep things running. That’s the old way of doing things. The best way of adding value these days involves the CIO actively stepping outside of IT to impact the business as a whole.

According to CIO magazine, one way of doing this is helping to streamline business processes. This shift requires a CIO to understand the business, possess organizational skills and apply the process perspective that most CIOs have in order to give the business insight into employees, customers and business partners that other executives may struggle to provide.

An example of this concept at work involves Procter & Gamble’s CIO Filippo Passerini, who teamed IT up with R&D to virtualize the process of redesigning consumer product packaging using 3-D design software; as a result, a mock up now takes hours instead of weeks.

All CIOs have some ability to play a leadership role within the business by utilizing their resources for the good of the business as a whole. CIO Magazine purports that the following steps will help any CIO achieve this:

  • Understanding the business, including competition and the value of the products/services provided.
  • Understanding key processes across the enterprise and then identifying areas of improvement.
  • Collaborating with other executives to execute improvements.
  • Empowering employees to learn more about how business processes operate.

What other steps can a CIO take to streamline business processes? Do you think that this is achievable in today’s business environment?

Read the full article from CIO Magazine, “Where Process is King.”

Mike Harris
DCG President

Written by Michael D. Harris at 05:00
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