What IT Metrics Do You Track?

Mike FaceIn “Diverse IT Metrics,” an article from the November/December 2012 issue of IT Pro, Linda Wilbanks discusses the variety of metrics that are often tracked in the field of software development.

At DCG we strongly advocate that IT departments utilize quality metrics in order to produce the best possible work for the most value; however, there are a number of other metrics that can be monitored as well. Here’s a quick rundown of the metrics Wilbanks discusses, though it’s worth checking out her article in full:

  • Quality Metrics help developers release more reliable code and applications, saving the company money that could otherwise be spent fixing any errors. Not only useful for products, quality metrics are also key in security, protecting a company’s data.
  • Usability Metrics help to determine if a website or application was designed with the user in mind – is it easy to use, efficient and ultimately satisfying? This is not about the perceived value to the user but about software efficiency.
  • User Satisfaction focuses on the value to the user and his/her attitude, which is measured qualitatively via user satisfaction surveys. These metrics are key because when consumers are dissatisfied, they will often broadcast their dissatisfaction across the Internet, potentially hurting sales.
  • Ergonomics is the understanding of the interactions between humans and computer components in order to prevent potential injuries from repeated use over time. Typically, this metric is overlooked, which may have a significant (negative) impact in the years to come.

Clearly a lot can go into measuring the success of IT projects. Unfortunately, metrics are often not utilized as they should be, leaving IT open to preventable errors. Again, at DCG we offer a measurement roadmap that takes into account key metrics that are linked to the strategic and mission-critical goals of the business organization. If you’re not tracking what you’re doing, you’re ignoring data that can significantly impact your company’s bottom line.

What metrics does your company track and why?

Mike Harris
DCG President

Written by Michael D. Harris at 09:00
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