Does Function Point Analysis Change with New Approaches to Software Development?

Sheila Dennis Face (1)Function Point Analysis, an industry best practice software-sizing technique, has been in use for roughly 25 years. But, over time, technology has changed and evolved – so, is the function point method still viable for newer technologies, without any enhancements or changes?

In the newest Trusted Advisor report, Sheila Dennis, CFPS & Senior Management Consultant, examines the question, “Does Function Point Analysis change with new approaches to software development?,” coming to the conclusion that, as long as the FP counter appropriately applies FPA guidelines, no adjustments need to be made.

Further, she examines three types of architectures used in today’s business sectors and what counters should consider in these scenarios:

  • Client Server/Cloud Computing
  • Real-time, Process Control and Embedded Systems
  • Service-oriented Architecture (SOA)

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Sarah Weddle
Marketing Associate / Social Media Specialist

Written by Michael D. Harris at 09:00



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