Maturity Matters When Results are Important

When a technology or process matures, it becomes more reliable and more productive. Think about new car engines that every year increase miles-per-gallon ratings and feature extended lifecycles. Each step forward brings progress for the end user.

That’s why it is so important to strive for and monitor maturity levels. Many of the maturity frameworks in the marketplace use several levels of definition to mark progress.

The graphic below has evolved, at a high level, to organize how we at DCG talk with clients about maturing a critical capability within their IT domain, Estimation.

At DCG we focus on functional estimation related to software development projects. While non-functional project estimation is important, much of the IT budget for software is consumed in application portfolio management and new application development. For large enterprises, maturing this area is not only crucial in terms of effectiveness, but also competitive advantage.


This is just a quick snapshot of the framework. I’ll talk more about each of the levels in subsequent posts, so stay tuned!

Have questions? Need more information? Let me know in the comments!

Tony Timbol
Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Written by Michael D. Harris at 09:00
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- Mike Harris, DCG Owner

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