The TMMi Framework

PatYou’re probably all familiar with the CMMI, a process improvement model that can be applied to a project, division or entire organization. Organizations using CMMI benefit from more predictable timelines, better use of resources and enhanced quality of services and products.

At DCG, we offer an ADM Optimization Solution that utilizes CMMI, as well as an Introduction to CMMI training course.

However, the model doesn’t give much attention to testing, despite the fact that testing accounts for 30-40 percent of a project’s costs. If testing isn’t efficient and well-managed, it can negatively impact a project, as well as an organization’s brand and competitive positioning.

The Test Maturity Model Integration (TMMi), governed by the TMMi Foundation, is a process improvement model, but it is focused only on testing. TMMi complements CMMI by increasing the focus on testing and not just on the engineering aspects of development. TMMi is structured much like CMMI with Process Areas and Maturity Levels. But, just like CMMI, you can implement those practices which will provide value to your organization, if a rating is not desired.

We’d like to know more about your knowledge regarding the TMMi. Have you heard of it? Do you think it’s useful? Do you think it would benefit your organization?

Yes or no, we’d like to hear from you! Please take our 4-question survey to share your thoughts about the model.

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DCG is now a provider of TMMi services via our Test Optimization Solution. If you're interested in learning more about TMMi, I will be co-hosting a webinar on the topic on June 18. If you have any questions about the model, please let me know or attend the webinar and be sure to ask them then!

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Pat Eglin
Consultant, CMMI Instructor, TMMi Service Provider

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