Tom Cagley at TesTrek 2013!

TesTrek 2013

TesTrek, the Software Testing & Quality Assurance Conference, provides the best and quickest path to learn testing practices, to solve your challenges, and to keep up-to-date with software testing trends. The theme of this year's conference is, "Today’s Challenges and Emerging Trends in Software Testing."

Tom Cagley, Agile Practice Manager and TMMi Assessor with David Consulting Group, will be attending the conference, where he will teach a full-day workshop, "Agile Practical Techniques;" a half-day tutorial, "The Lean Software Development Workshop;" and he will give a presentation, "Agile Underperforming? Keys to Improved Delivery."

"Agile Practical Techniques," on October 28, will help developers, testers, business analysts, Scrum masters and project managers to develop an understanding of Agile development techniques, focusing on concepts, such as test-driven development, that integrate testing into the Agile process.

"The Lean Software Development Workshop" on October 29 will use a Lean-Agile focus to help attendees to develop, enhance and maintain software that employs the Principles of Lean to enhance the delivery of value-added work.

Finally, his presentation on October 30, "Agile Underperforming? Keys to Improving Delivery," will teach simple, actionable steps to improving Agile delivery.

The conference, hosted by QAI Canada and the QAI Global Institute, will be held at the Chelsea Hotel in Toronto, Ontario on October 28-30. TesTrek is attended by test managers, test leads, software testers, quality control analysts, and other IT professionals performing testing activities.

If you’re interested in meeting up with Tom while at the conference, leave a comment and he will contact you to arrange the details!


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