IT-Business Integration

At DCG, one of the most valuable improvements we recommend for an IT department is to focus on IT as part of the business as a whole. For the business to run efficiently and effectively and maximize revenue, it is important to minimize process bottlenecks.  People-related processes these day are almost invariably based on IT processes, so if IT processes are not smoothly integrated then bottlenecks in the business processes are inevitable.

A recent article from Baseline magazine echoed the importance of this and also noted that a lot of IT departments are “out of sync” when it comes to business integration:

  • Only 16 percent of companies say they have full levels of integration among business systems.
  • Sixty-four percent of businesses do not have a formal process for evaluating their CRM data-integration progress.
  • Sales/operations/marketing departments are responsible for nearly half of all planned IT systems investments this year.

IT touches every aspect of a business, making it that much more important for it to integrate with the business.  But integrating with the business is not enough; IT has to take responsibility for integrating within the business itself. Understandably, this isn’t easy when IT has historically been functioning on its own terms and when so many other departments now have a stake in IT – it’s hard to know where to start.

Our IT Governance Solution represents our current approach to the challenge of governance at the business-IT interface, providing guidance on the steps IT should take to reduce risk, set priorities and foster conversation regarding IT project investments between the business and IT management.

Additionally, our IT-CMF Fast Track Executive Assessment provides an evaluation of your IT organization’s ability to create business value from IT.

It’s evident that IT needs to see itself as part of the bigger picture. What are you doing to achieve that vision?


Mike Harris
DCG President

Written by Michael D. Harris at 05:00



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