ISMA9: Madrid!


David Consulting Group is headed to the International Function Point Users’ Group’s (IFPUG) international conference, ISMA9 in Madrid!

The theme of this conference is "Measuring for Business." The focus will be on why it is important to measure software, the purpose of measurement and the benefits offered.

It will take place the week of March 27 and feature a variety of speakers, such as Joe Schofield, the previous IFPUG President, and Harold Van Heeringen, the President of ISBSG.

Aside from conference-related activities, the week-long event will also include:

  •  A two-day seminar on SNAP to advance measurement practices of non-functional elements, such as settings or conversions.
  •  A review of CFPS certification.
  •  A CSP certification test (SNAP).
  •  The semi-annual meeting of the IFPUG board.

Learn more about the conference on the IFPUG website (details in Spanish are available here). Registration is open to all IFPUG members.


Tom Cagley
Vice President of Consulting
Agile Practice Manager
IFPUG Board Member

Written by Tom Cagley at 05:00
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