Tony Timbol Reflects on the Software Industry

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This is the third post in a series that will offer our management team's reflections on DCG's 20th anniversary and the state of the software industry. Previous posts are here and here.

This year, I celebrate my 11th year with DCG as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. Through these 11 years, I’ve been able to talk with clients about their needs and objectives and have gotten to watch first-hand how technology and best practices change the way people do business.

Space ShuttleGlobalization and the commoditization of technology (continually advancing cheaper and more powerful products and services) are the two most powerful forces shaping how people use tech to make their businesses run better. That will continue unabated, with the most successful ones being those that leverage tech to create accessible value. For example, think about how the cell phone went from a clunky voice box to a mobile computing platform. I worked on the Space Shuttle program in the early '80s and the iPhone I carry today has 1,000 times more computing power then the four modified F15 flight computers flying STS-1.

Further, business leaders who build a culture of innovation within their companies will win in the marketplace. I believe the West Coast high-tech culture will continue to change the way U.S. businesses operate. Business culture is more important than technique because methods and practices will always advance, but the innovators will always be a step ahead. Amazon is a good example of innovation that disrupts tradition.

As these trends take shape, DCG’s ability to anticipate what's coming and to provide thought leadership is one of the things that makes us a valuable partner and a great place for our team to work and thrive. I look forward to what's ahead!

Tony Timbol
VP of Sales

Written by Tony Timbol at 05:00
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