Most Popular Collateral of 2015

We've already shared our top 5 blog posts so far this year, and now we're sharing our most popular items in our Publications Library! Here are the top 5 most viewed publications on our website for 2015 (January through June); be sure to check them out!

Top 5 Publications

1. Template: Contracting for Agile - This is a template contract for Agile from the U.K. government.

2. Sizing Application Maintenance and Support Activities - A proven approach for estimating maintenance and support activities using a new type of ‘sizing’ model.

3. A Short History of the Cost Per Defect Metric- Learn more about the cost per defect metric.

4. 4 Pillars of PMO Performance - Tips for improved PMO performance.

5. Agile Estimation and Functional Metrics - This paper provides a path for incorporating the use of function points into Agile estimation techniques.

Do you think this list will change before December? Check back in a few months and find out!

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