Tom Cagley's Practical Software Quality and Testing Conference Presentation

DCG Software Value, a global provider of software analytics, software quality management, and Agile support services, presented at the 2016 Practical Software Quality and Testing (PSQT) Conference in San Diego from August 14-19.

Tom Cagley, Vice President of Consulting and Agile Practice Lead at DCG Software Value, gave three presentations at this year's conference.

His first presentation, "Discover the Quality of Your Testing Process," focused on the Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi), a framework for software testing. During the presentation, Tom shared a case study to discuss how the TMMi appraisal process works, providing attendees with a tool to complete a high-level assessment of their organization.

His second presentation, "Scaling Agile Testing Using the TMMi," was part of the Agile track. Tom outlined the TMMi framework and provided a process for using environmental, technical, and project context to effectively integrate testing into an Agile development environment, measuring the effectiveness of the process.

His final presentation was also a part of the Agile track. "Impact of Agile Risk Management on Software Quality" discussed how to implement best practices for mitigating risk in an Agile environment.

Tom was very pleased with the outcome of his presentations, expressing his ability to connect with the audience on each of the topics. He hopes that his contribution to the conference will further develop company's abilities to consistently and efficiently produce high quality software that works as expected and benefits the bottom line of the company. 

If you have any questions about the presentations, feel free to contact Tom Cagley at

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