Agile Storytelling

Philadelphia IIBA

We recently attended the Philadelphia chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis' (IIBA) Professional Development Day. The event brought together a collection of speakers from local consulting firms and internationally recognized organizations to discuss topics related to business analysis. 

It was a great event, with about 70 attendees. We always enjoy any chance to connect with others from around the Philadelphia region, where our home office is located, and this event was no exception. Agile, DevOps, mind-mapping and even improvisation were covered in the presentations.

Tom Cagley, our VP of Consulting and Agile Practice Manager, and Tony Manno, our VP of Outsourced Services, co-presented, "Backlog Development by Storytelling."

One of the dilemmas most Agile teams face is how to generate an initial backlog. The best way to do this is by assembling a cross-functional team and using facilitated storytelling to generate a set of scenarios, which are then decomposed into features, epics, and user stories using standard grooming techniques. This process not only provides the team with the information needed to create user stories, but also provides context for what is being built.

Download DCG's presentation on Agile storytelling. Learn how this process works and how it can implemented in your organization - and to what benefit.



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