UK HMG (Her Majesty's Government) Departments Shift from One Mega Technology Supplier to Many Suppliers

The UK government has long published plans to help small and medium-sized enterprises to gain a greater share of central government business.

Their goal is for 25% of central government spending to go to SMEs rather than large organisations.

In recent years we can see that the large scale contracts with the likes of HP, Accenture and Cap-Gemini have been replaced with open frameworks allowing smaller companies to try to get a share of the pie.

From frameworks like the G-cloud, this will allow the more specialised but smaller suppliers their opportunity to deliver better value for money to the UK public.

It should also drive up competition, as in the past, long term contracts with a number of Government departments ensured a great deal of systems knowledge transfer into one supplier. By moving supplier you lost key business knowledge making it very difficult to change and so made it difficult to access SMEs not directly employed by the big boys.

There is also a shift to rebuild their internal digital expertise with government owned companies like Department for Work & Pensions ‘s (DWP) Liberata and HMRC’s Revenue & Customs Digital Technology Services Ltd (RCDTS) taking IT work back in-house. However, there will still be the need for niche skills.

With Brexit looming, it will be interesting to see what the future tendering processes UK Government has to follow given the current compulsory OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) tenders.

Certainly interesting days lie ahead.


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Written by Steve Kitching at 13:06



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